13 APRIL - 12 NOVEMBER 2022
13 APRIL - 12 NOVEMBER 2022

Natural Technology. Welcome to the Symbiocene

Natural Technology, the second exhibition at the VU ART SCIENCE gallery, explores the boundaries and collaborations between organisms and technology. The artworks in the exhibition question whether these new relations could lead to strategies for Earth’s species to survive the climate crisis. Artists on show are Jelle Korevaar, Tabita Rezaire, Wanda Tuerlinckx and Christiaan Zwanikken.

The exhibition responds to the original Greek meaning of technology: the strife of an individual or group to perfect a particular method. Natural Technology shows how different organisms can interact with technology and how this can lead to new forms of life. The exhibition contributes to a discussion about a world where humans are no more important than fungi, plants or animals. These ideas are based on the philosophies of the Symbiocene, a term coined by the environmental philosopher Glenn Albrecht. This exhibition captures this combination of technology and nature perfectly and pushes us to wonder, marvel and ask questions.

Photo credits: Cheryl Schurgers (Zwanikken's Hypergravity Bio Portal), Marijn de Ruiter (Korevaar's Angst, Cultivering and AS) and Wanda Tuerlinckx (her own art project Androids)

Listen to the Natural technology podcast series, starring Raoul Frese, Rob van den Hoven van Genderen, Vasilis Kokkoris, Kristine Steenbergh and curator Wende Wallert.

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Art in the exhibition

Christiaan Zwanikken
Podcast guest: biophysicist Raoul Frese

Hypergravity Bio Portal

Jelle Korevaar
Podcast guest: Kristine Steenbergh

Angst (Fear) | Cultivering (Cultivation) | AS

Tabita Rezaire
Vasilis Kokkoris

Premium Connect

Wanda Tuerlinckx
Podcast guest: Rob Van Den Hoven Van Genderen



Curator Wende Wallert about the Exhibition Concept


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