Exploring animal technology
Jelle Korevaar


Jelle Korevaar

Angst (Fear) | Cultivering (Cultivation) | AS

Exploring animal technology and technology made animals, Jelle Korevaar is an artist that creates his own animals. He explores the possibility of animals having a soul, emotions, intelligence, and everything else humans have always claimed for themselves. Korevaar gives his artificial animals a mind of their own through this process.

Angst (Fear, 2015) is an installation of a mechanical crustacean that is afraid of its surroundings. This work is proof that even mechanical beings can have emotions that can be influenced by their surroundings.

Cultivering (Cultivation, 2015) shows the power dynamic of the world. Having a parrot in the Netherlands is an actual display of power. However, this parrot skeleton only flaps its wings when it comes in contact with enough sunlight, giving the control of its movements back to nature.

AS (Artificial Soul, 2018) is a mechanical animal that combines a deer, a peacock and Charlie Chaplin, quoting the famous actor's texts from The Great Dictator (1940). It gives its surroundings and other living beings a taste of its soul by walking around the gallery and quoting Chaplin's observations on humanity.

Jelle Korevaar's artwork AS (2018)
Jelle Korevaar's artwork Cultivering (Cultivation, 2015)
Jelle Korevaar's artwork Angst (2015)


Jelle Korevaar's Angst / Cultivering / AS