ART SCIENCE dialogue | Wanda Tuerlinckx & Guszti Eiben

May 22, 2024 | 4-5.30 PM

Join us for a special ART SCIENCE dialogue with artist Wanda Tuerlinckx and professor of Computational Intelligence Guszti Eiben. Tuerlinckx and Eiben share a fascination with the interaction between humans and machines and the hybrid forms that arise as a result. Guszti Eiben and his team explore the applications and implications of self-learning and embodied robots. Wanda Tuerlinckx has captured the developments of robotics in knowledge institutions around the world in her photographs. Both their research revolves around the philosophical question ‘What does it mean to be human?’. The dialogue will be moderated by Klaas de Zwaan, assistant professor in Media Studies.

The dialogue takes place on the occasion of the reveal of VU Amsterdam’s acquisition of Tuerlinckx’ work, following her participation in the VU ART SCIENCE gallery’s second show Natural Technology. The acquired works are part of series of portraits taken of androids.

Both the reveal of the Tuerlinckx’ work and the ART SCIENCE dialogue take place in the Atrium of the NU Building, Boelelaan 1111.

Following the ART SCIENCE dialogue is a screening of the classic science fiction film Blade Runner in cinema Rialto VU, in which androids do battle with humans. The film is directed by Ridley Scott and stars (among others) Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer, in a legendary role. Introduction by Guszti Eiben & Wanda Tuerlinckx. For more information and tickets: check the Rialto VU website

The event is part of a two-day programme, AI in the Picture, on artificial intelligence and its profound effect on society, by VU Griffioen, VU ART SCIENCE gallery and Rialto VU. The programme explores the impact of AI on our lives; from its role in shaping economies to its influence on personal identity and human relationships.

Image: G-1000 © Wanda Tuerlinckx, VU Art Collection (detail)