ART SCIENCE dialogue "Accessibility and Reuseability" | Semiconductor & Cooperation Databank

October 12, 2023 | 10 - 12 PM

In a fractured societal landscape in which truth has become a subjective reality, can greater transparency in research have a healing impact? In the ART SCIENCE dialogue Accessibility and Reusability we look at projects that aim to open up and recycle knowledge.

Semiconductor is the UK artists’ duo of Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. Their work Spectral Constellations explores the material nature of our world and how we experience it through the lenses of science and technology. Their artwork makes scientific data on the lifespan of stars accessible by converting it to an immersive experience.

The academic project Cooperation Databank (CoDa) is a team of 30 international researchers jointly working to build a machine-readable, multidisciplinary, open access databank of empirical studies that use economic games paradigms to study human cooperation. creates a meta-analysis of existing research on social behaviour to enable an easier search through this data.

In this dialogue, Semiconductor and CoDa, represented by Dan Balliet and Giuliana Spadaro, discuss the importance of data accessibility and what makes knowledge accessible. What role does data accessibility have in how we comprehend things and does that compromise the truth?

It is possible to participate online as well at, a website specially created for the exhibition. Please navigate to the embedded live stream and presentation. To access the site you can log in with any username.

The ART SCIENCE dialogues and related exhibition Creating the Commons are organised in collaboration with VU Open Science Programme, Open Science Community Amsterdam (OSCA), Network Institute, LI-MA and Sanneke Huisman.