Within the heart of Amsterdam’s concrete jungle, there is interesting art to discover: not only the VU ART SCIENCE gallery, but also the corporate collections of ABN AMRO and AkzoNobel. The collections show the current state of contemporary art, each in their own very unique way.

Check out the ART SPACES flyer (PDF)

In the entrance hall of the head office of ABN AMRO Bank, you’ll find the ABN AMRO Art Space, one of the major corporate collections in the Netherlands. The collection provides a broad view of post war visual art in the Netherlands. Through alternating exhibitions, the ABN AMRO Art Space offers a platform to new developments in art.

In the AkzoNobel Art Space, right at the border of Zuidas and the beautiful Beatrixpark, you can find the AkzoNobel collection with work by internationally renowned artists and young talent. AkzoNobel collects and exhibits contemporary art since 1996 and its collection is intended to serve as a source for innovation and creative reflection.

In the middle of the campus of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam you can visit the VU ART SCIENCE gallery. The gallery focuses on the interaction between art and science and encourages the exchange of multidisciplinary knowledge. In the exhibitions and dynamic public program contemporary artists and scientists share their research on current societal topics.

Explore the latest exhibitions, either on your own or through a guided tour, and discover this lively side of Amsterdam Zuidas. With the art spaces located within walking distance of each other, visit all three on a lunch break or at the end of the day.