Constant Dullaart


Constant Dullaart, ongoing

Like the work of his digital native peers, Constant Dullaart’s often conceptual work manifests itself both online and off. Within his practice, he reflects on the broad cultural and social effects of communication and image processing technologies owned by mega corporations. Their commercial incentive to collect and sell information influences our worldview dramatically. Dullaart examines the boundaries of manipulating Google, Facebook and Instagram and started his own tech company Dulltech™ with Kickstarter.

He created his own independent online platform Common Garden, in which are incorporated democratic and human values as spontaneity and humor. Dullaart goes beyond the current confines of many online platforms, built on efficiency and click-bait. Rather, he creates a free space in which individuals can interact spontaneously –: nothing is registered, nothing is archived. His human centered approach, creates a more playful, unconstrained version of the internet. Mirroring the off-line world, hiding behind an avatar is no longer an option. Especially for this exhibition Dullaart created an on/off line installation of his on line platform, Common Garden in which several environments merge into a joyful and chaotic playfield that is mastered by the artist. His presentation also mirrors the power structures in artworld that capitalizes all subversive artistic acts into merchandise. During the exposition common garden will also host and disclose the dialogues program and the research projects of participating artists and scientists