Pulp Workshop by Sunflower Soup

October 17, 2023 | 4-6 PM

Immerse yourself in the collective experience of co-creating art  in Sunflower Soup’s Pulp Workshop. Make art from books that have been deselected from the VU University Library as part of the Re:Book project. Rather than throwing these old books away, give them a new lease of life as part of a permanent installation that will be on view at the University Library. Together we will create a new alphabet to better communicate our current realities and explore how we express ourselves through written text.

The workshop is part of the public program of the exhibition Creating the Commons, which looks at co-creation in art and science and is a collaboration with the VU Open Science Program. As space is limited, please sign up here to join.

The artists collective Sunflower Soup takes a radical approach to making art beyond the limits of the individual. Their work addresses important issues about ownership, sharing of resources and acting from a collective conscience. Inspired by nature, Sunflower Soup sees itself as a biotope and seeks horizontal collaborations with a wide range of people, plants and other life forms. Sunflower Soup practices radical botany, visual narration and environmental activism.

Image Courtesy Sunflower Soup