ART SCIENCE dialogues: Marijn Bax & Nadia Bij de Vaate

February 9, 2023 | 4 - 6 PM

In collaboration with Amsterdam UMC Art Affairs, the VU Art Science gallery has invited scientists to take part in a moderated dialogue with the artists exhibited in Some Body. The Art Science Dialogues are linked to the exhibited artworks and focus on the four aspects of the exhibition: movement, social media, faith and pollution – all intertwined with the main exhibition theme of Some Body. We will delve into the fields of art and science to provoke new insights into the practice of scholars and artists. With the dialogues we investigate how artists and scientists can stimulate each other and pave the way towards innovation that transcends disciplines.

The dialogues are free to attend for everybody interested. The Art Science dialogues are English spoken, admission is free and registration is not necessary.

The Art Science Dialogues take place from 4:30 pm to 6 pm in Theaterzaal 5, walk-in from 4:00 pm at the VU Art Science Gallery. At 6 pm, drinks, meet & greet at Bar Boele. All venues are located at the NU Building Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1111, 1081 HV Amsterdam

This event is part of a public programme of the exhibition Some Body.


January 12 – Body & Movement

Coralie Vogelaar (artist) & Mario Maas (Professor of Musculoskeletal Radiology)

Moderator: Elte Rauch

Writer: Laurine Verweijen


February 9 – Body & Social Media

Marijn Bax (artist) & Nadia Bij de Vaate (Communication Science)

Moderator: Lidewij Henneman


March 9 – Body & Faith

Simon Keizer (artist) & Hanneke van Laarhoven (Professor Translational Medical Oncology)

Moderator: Henry de Vries


April 13 – Body & Polution

Sissel Marie Tonn (artist) & Juan Garcia Vallejo (Immunologist) & Heather Leslie (microplastics researcher)

Moderator: Henry de Vries

Writer: Nadia de Vries