Natural Technology Podcast | Wood Wide Web & Premium Connect with Vasilis Kokkoris

April 13 - November 17, 2022

During the Covid pandemic, the VU ART SCIENCE gallery developed a series of podcasts.

This episode’s guest is VU researcher and mycologist Vasilis Kokkoris. In conversation with Sem Bannenberg, Kokkoris explains how Fungi create mycelium networks and how these relate to human network systems. Furthermore, Kokkoris reflects on the artwork Premium Connect by artist Tabita Rezaire as shown in Natural Technology. Welcome to the Symbiocene.

Natural Technology. Welcome to the Symbiocene. featured artworks by Jelle Korevaar, Tabita Rezaire, Wanda Tuerlinckx and Christiaan Zwanikken. These artists with different practices and mediums present a new way to interpret nature, the environment, and technology’s role on Earth.

This podcast and exhibition are made with the support of partners Clue+ and Studiotopia, and the conversations with scientists and scholars were hosted by the VU Library. The interviewer is assistant curator Sem Bannenberg. Recording and editing by Harm Rieske.